The Inner Workings of SickGrafik

Welcome to SickGrafik, how may I take your order?

Stage 1 of the TruGrafik Process with the multicolor prints being cured and ready for customization.

"Having a customer purchase something you've created in your shop but allowing them to add their own personal touch before it ships out is truly something special "

We all own custom apparel. T shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. We support a brand, we follow a movement, we represent a club, or we showcase our personal artwork or message.

Clothing is a must have unless you live in the nudist colony.

With clothing comes a great canvas or a billboard on the front or back of a body to display a message and for a lot of us, that is an exciting piece of the puzzle.

There is a huge part of the population that loves the band t shirt as much as the love the band.

But the images and tees you have come to love and know are the vision of someone else.

What if there was a fine line between an amazing piece of printed art and the ability to make it your own? This is a question that we have always asked ourselves and for many, many years has gone unanswered.

A different take on how we "get shirt done"

A true 2 headed beast lives here:

1. We have a wholesale client side that allows the non-printing class (you) to launch your own campaign of custom apparel as we manage the back end, you handle the social front.

The internet is full of ways to have your ideas brought to life and any quick Google search will yield you the ability to have shirts printed. You can also take the next stage and have a screen printer take a bigger step in your brand and fulfill your work. We have taken a different approach in working directly with you and creating a dedicated collection in the store with dedicated print and ship times as well as the ability to add your own spin on what you can offer for sale. Without citing specific clients examples, the best way to find out more is to contact us so we can give you more details. For sake of time, we'll keep it short and sweet. You get your own print shop and your own dedicated space in the store to showcase.

2. We have a retail customer side where we sell the above designs in an unorthodox manner.

At SickGrafik, we have come up with TruGrafik technology. This technology allows the client to take a product from an active collection and customize it. This allows both layout and print color to be modified. A collection consists of a client's artwork that is printed on a different apparel items.

Gone are the ordinary ways in which shirts are sold with a defined canvas on the front and back. Now you can add a little touch of your own to what you are paying for.

Having a customer purchase something you've created in your shop and allowing them to add their own personal touch before it ships out is truly something special. There is nothing like opening a package of something that was made just for you, not you and 7 million others. You. You picked the shirt size, you picked the color, you picked a graphic. You bought it and we made it especially for you. In the society we exist in today that one on one is a dying thing;we're here to breathe life into it. These aren't some mass produced images with no heart or soul, these are crafted pieces of apparel that represent a message and ideas.

We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as the people involved loved creating them.

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Stage 4 of the TruGrafik Process - shirts in action. (Stay safe out there)

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