You've Got Questions?


How do I get my idea on apparel and on the website?

Give us a call so we can gather some information about your design and ideas and we can send you over the necessary paperwork. Email also will work as well or reach out via chat and someone can assist you on getting your product to come to life here.

Why would I host my idea here?

Thankfully with the interwebs you can locate plenty of places to "print" t shirts and items with a few mouse clicks. Unfortunatley you cannot get a sense or idea of what you are getting when signing up for these things. Allow us to send you our sample kit, with our fabric and print choices as well as a collection of some of the clients that only use us to produce their high end designs. Anyone can print a t shirt, not everyone can print art on a shirt and have it look like art. We allow you to make a profit, while we handle all the backend. We've been very succesfull with t-shirt, sweatshirt, and hat launches on many different social platforms. Now we have brought it all under one roof. There is no middle man, no one selling you a fake dream, and you don't end up with shirts with a crooked octopus inside the tag. Reach out for more infomation and we'd be happy to fill in more details.

What is the sample kit and How do I get one?

Touch and Feel is the way to live your life. You have to know what type of fabrics, you have to know what type of printing, and see the vibrant shades of color we use. (I hear colors) In order to do that, once you sign up for a launch we will send you a welcome kit within a few business days so you can get your hands on some fabrics. Some will be shirts from older collections, some might be a logo shirt for sickgrafik looking for some free advertising or some will be a blank t shirt and a free mask. Either way we flip the tab to make sure there is full transparency in what we are doing.

Customers & Clients?

A simple way to distinguish the roles when interacting with our website at Sickgrafik. Customers are purchasing items from collections, Clients are creating collections. On the Customer Side, to purchase something in the collection.

  • Head over to the collections by hitting SHOP or navigating HERE
  • Locate a shirt that you are interested in, click on it.
  • Once on the page take a look at the size measurements, and or model measurements and pick a size.
  • Select all applicable options (color, text, location, number etc)
  • Check out
On the client side, to get one of your designs into the collections to sell. Head over to the contact page or click here

Is this just another Pre-Order Site where products take a month to ship?

The PONZI t-shirt scheme!!! The best crime of all time. Use preorder money to play a money grab and have poor souls wait a month to see a mediocre product with a design that is on life support by the time you get it. You know the deal, they all use USPS and send a tracking number that doesn't even get scanned in for 7 days.
The mold has been set and it is the wrong mix. Everything you see here is a real product We cook fresh designs and produce EVERY TUESDAY!! Non custom items ship the same day or the next day. WAIT! print only one day a week? At the current volume we are working with COVID, we are trying to limit 1000 pieces in total for runs. We setup your run to give you time to socialize it and when it's time to pull trigger we do so. That way there is full transparency to you and to those waiting to get their hands on your freshly baked products.

TruGrafik Technology?

Years of tried and tested techniques to give the most stunning print at the highest quality with top quality supplies. - There is no direct garment printers here - There are no heat transfers There are no shortcuts or some fancy new age gizmos that puts ink on a shirt only to have it at the mercy of your washer machine. There are no bullet proof plastisol bank robber tees that the print can stop bullets. There are no cardboard crappy open ended cotton apparel that you find at the low end print shops. There is no GILDAN that you can buy at craft stores.
This is not a craft print shop, this is professional grade with professional tools. Using technology that has not changed in 1050 years. Silk Screening has been refined but it is still the most reliable way to decorate apparel for longevity and sharp image reproduction.

Custom T Shirts?

End user customization was a plan to bring a level of connection between you and what you are wearing and buying. One location of the shirt is printed and crafted determined by our clients. The other location or locations are defined by you. Color, custom text, numbers or other elements that will burst out creativity in all directions and make this item a one of a kind unless someone nibbles your ideas. Think the N I K E I D thing, to be able to have a teal to match the swoosh on some gym kicks. If the designs we put up aren't good enough they will be good enough when you add some of your own touch.

How long from time of order to get my custom shirt.

For all custom tees: where you have picked an ink color and or text options We cook designs every Tuesday. Orders that are placed and paid for Monday - Friday @ 2pm est - Ship the following Tuesday. Orders on Saturday or Sunday fall to the following Tuesday. So you should have your shirt in less than a week. If you order on Friday by 2PM you will have your shirt in best case on Wednesday. At this current time we are not offering Expedited shipping options but if there is a special need, contact us and we'd be happy to try to help.